Corona Chatbot

This porject is about the website which is made for the purpose of Covid update to users.

Problem Statement

From the year 2019,people all around the world facing difficulties with Covid-19 Virus. But people were unable to get updates about Covid-19 to keep themselves safe from crisis for this issue. I have develop a website this bot services which can clarify all the queries about Covid-19.

Project Description

The core idea of this project is to clarify the queries about Covid-19.People can get their queries clarified within minutes using this website. This website is integrated with bot services.This bot is developed with QnA Maker which is one of the services of Microsoft Azure.Users can easily interact with bot via chat using this bot.User can get instant information about Covid-19 and Vaccine.

Azure Services which I used in this Project

  1. QnA Maker
  2. Azure Bot Service
  3. Azure Static Web Apps

For creating question and answer pair ,I have used QnA Maker.I integrated QnA Maker with Web App bot . Then for hosting I have used Static Web App Service. Azure Static Web Apps is a service that automatically builds and deploys full stack web Apps to Azure from a code repository.

1. QnA Maker

QnA Maker is a cloud-based Natural Language Processing(NLP) service that allows you to create a natural conversational layer over your data.It is used to find the most appropriate answer for any input from your custom knowledge base(KB) of information.QnA Maker is commonaly used to build conversational client Applications,which include social media applications,chat bots,and Speech-enabled desktop applications.

2. Azure Bot Services

Azure Bot Service offers the ability to add intelligent agents that are capable of conversation without having to commit the resources to develop one’s own AI.The platform gives bot developers a Software Development Kit(SDK) and tools to add bots to sites in the form of Azure Bot Builders are automatically added to Microsoft dirctory. Azure Bot Service also offers more advanced features through cognitive services such as:

  1. Scaling to support growth
  2. Ability to make smart recommendation
  3. Language translation
  4. Use of machine vision to recognize users from pictures and to moderate content.

    3. Azure Static Web Apps

    Following are some key features of Azure Static Web Apps that made me choose this service:

  5. Web hosting for static control like HTML,CSS,JavaScript and images.
  6. Integration API support provided by Azure functions with the option to link an existing Azure functions app using a standard account.
  7. First-class GitHub and Azure DevOpps integration where repository changes trigger builds and deployments.
  8. Globally ditributed static content,putting content closer to your users.
  9. Free SSL Certificates,which are automatically renewed.
  10. Custom domains provide branded curtomization to your app.
  11. Seamless Security model with a reverse-proxy when calling APIs,which requires to CORS configuration.
  12. Authentication provider integratoins with Azure Active Directory,GitHub,and Twitter.
  13. Customizable authorization role definition and assignments.
  14. Back-end routing rules enabling full control over the content and routes you serve.

Screen Shots of my Project

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